Homemade Tropical Face Scrub

Hey everyone!

I cant wait to share with you one of my favorite beauty hacks! I have had this as a part of my night routine for a very long time now. I use it every Sunday and Wednesday and this helps me looking clean and fresh all week. I can tell you without doubt that it is by far one of the best I own.

Here is a quick tip:

If you have delicate or sensitive skin, then exfoliating twice a week might be a little too harsh for your skin and this could cause some irritation. So I recommend, start off with only once a week and see how your skin copes. On the other hand, if you live in a warmer climate, like me, or your skin is naturally oily, you might have to exfoliate more than twice a week because we tend to have a higher buildup of dead skin cells. Its really important to understand your body and what its telling you so that you get the best results.


To make this scrub/polish, you only need 3 very inexpensive ingredients which you probably already have at home!

💝 1/4th cup coconut oil.

💝 1/2 cup sugar.

💝 Flower petals. – You can add as many or as little as you like. (I chose Jasmine, one handful)

We will also need a mixer/blender/food processor to combine the ingredients. If you don’t have any of these, you can even try mixing it by hand!

Note: The red petals are purely decorative! (below) 🙂

a (2)

Step 1 : Start off by putting together the sugar and the coconut oil in the blender. Don’t start blending yet.


Step 2 : Add your flower petals. You can add as many or as little as you like. I love the aroma of Jasmines and I had some lying at home! And since their petals are small in size, I decided to go for a handful. Should you chose roses, 4-5 full sized petals would suffice. But here its all upto you and how much of flower extracts you are looking for. 🙂


Step 3 : Go ahead and add this to your blender along with the other ingredients and blend for about 60 seconds. Just till all the ingredients combine. I prefer my scrub to be fluffy. If you like a smoother scrub, all you have to do is to add a little more oil. Its simple really. The sugar makes the scrub fluffy while the oil smooths it out! 🙂


Once they are just about blended, stir it up and there you go! (below)



Favorable factors :

❤ The coconut oil helps hydrate the skin, leaving it look and feel healthy.

❤ Removes dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling smooth.

❤ Reduces black heads, leaving your face brighter.

❤ Jasmine flower extracts helps relax the skin and is packed with natural oils.

❤ Great form of aromatherapy, with the presence of flower petals of your choice.


Unfavorable factors:

💔 Although this scrub has oils, I wouldn’t recommend applying it around your eyes or lips. It can dry out the thin/delicate skin.

💔 Should you not like to leave in the coconut oil that gets left behind on the face, you will need to rinse off with a mild face wash.


I have always found that, The BodyShop Vitamin E ‘Serum-in-oil’ works amazingly well with this scrub. After a rough scrub, the oil soothes the skin and relaxes it completely. Being an “oil”, it doesn’t cause breakouts! Its like the butter to my bread, if you know what I mean! 😉



My night routine steps!

💓 Dampen face. (Preferably warm water, as it helps open clogged pores)

💓 Scrub face for 2 mins, with the homemade sugar scrub, gently exfoliating the dead skin cells.

💓 Rinse off with a mild face wash.

💓 Tap dry face.

💓 Apply 2-3 drops of The Body Shop Vitamine E ‘Serum-in-oil’. Wash the oil off next morning.

What I love most about this scrub is that it brings out a glow in your face instantly. You also know what the exact ingredients are that are going into your scrub and it is totally inexpensive! How cool is that!

Also, today is World Environment Day. Perfect day to give this homemade, all natural, tropical scrub a try! Go ahead and give it a go. I would love to know how yours turned out. Let me know below! 🙂

Lots of love,



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