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Hello! 🙂

I remember how I recently walked up to a makeup counter, and the lady tried to sell a ‘primer’ to me. The packaging looked interesting, I applied some on the back of my hands. Its a transparent white gel sorta thing. I was a little lost. And then I went on to blend it into my skin, and all it did was make my skin a little softer. And that was priced at around 800 bucks. I mean, wth? lol! Can’t my moisturizer do the same thing? I told her I wasn’t interested on investing so much money on something that doesn’t bring a real drastic change to my face (Stupid! I know!). I left the store feeling rather lost. I mean, why on earth would a big brand be selling something as silly as that?

As soon as I got back home, I went onto Google and started reading up about primers and watched a few youtube videos. The ‘primer’ supposedly  evens out your skin and provides a good base for your makeup to last longer, as it also gives the skin a matte finish. Some primers claim that they can be worn alone too (without makeup). It all started making a bit of a sense to me, but I still felt rather lost. One day I was watching one of my favorite vloggers on youtube and she started off with her ‘primer’ for makeup tutorial. And! What a difference it made to her skin. Like instantly! That second I was sold. And as you can imagine, the very next day I went and purchased exactly what she was using. The Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer! 😀

Hola! I am obsessed!



It comes sealed in a clear plastic wrap. The main bottle is of glass and comes with a very user friendly pump dispenser covered with a little plastic cap. Im glad it has a cap, as this prevents any of the product to dry out. But it also means that the cap could get messy and it would need to be wiped clean every time it gets a little product in it.



Ingredients and all the information provided on packaging:






As you can see (below), the primer is not of a clear base, although that doesn’t really bother me as it blends into the skin very easily without any effort at all. It has a very smooth, butter like texture. Here I have used one pump of product.



Before and After: 


As you can tell, the primer really minimises the harsh lines on my hand. So what it does to the pores on my face is simply magnificent! 😉


Overall verdict: 

💘 I am in love with this little genie in the bottle! I have the shade ‘001’ which looks like a lightweight cream with a touch of pink undertones. For my skin tone, it works wonders.  The difference it brings to my face is instant. It stays for at least (if not more) 6 hours. When I say it stays, I mean it really keeps my face clear and matte throughout.

💘 It is my best friend on days when I don’t get enough sleep. However, although it claims that it can be used alone, I wouldn’t recommend that for people who tends to get dry skin right after a face wash (and before applying the primer). It can really dry out the skin and for me, it does tend to flake off a bit. So I suggest applying just a dab of cream (for a day look, perhaps one with SPF as this doesn’t claim to have SPF) before going ahead with the primer.

💘 If you take a real real close look, you will find micro shimmers in them. But this doesn’t show on the face atall. I guess its there to bring out a glow?

💘 This product was launched a couple of years ago. But it is still one of the most fast moving primers out there. 🙂

💘 Omg I still cant get over how smooth it makes my face. I’m totally obsessed!

💘 For those who are new to the world of makeup, a primer is most definitely a must have.


Price: Rs.1425/-

Where you can get yours at discount, while the offer lasts:  Nykaa – Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer

Rate: 4.3/5


Favorable factors:

💝 It really does even out imperfections.

💝 Brings a very natural glow to the face.

💝 Easily blendable. Can be blended easily with fingers & glides on smoothly.

💝 Easily lasts 6 to 9 hours. No need to retouch.

💝 User friendly packaging.

💝 Don’t need a lot of quantity to cover face. Hence I believe this is going to last me a while!

💝 Although its a bit expensive, its worth the cost.

💝 Very light. Doesn’t feel heavy on the face.

💝 Gives a matte finish to the skin. That clean, oil free look. Who doesn’t like that? 🙂

💝 It does what it claims. “Smoothens and softens skin”. Visibly reduces open pores.

Unfavorable factors:

💔 Not travel friendly packaging – Comes in a glass bottle.

💔 They have 2 shades available, and none are a clear base as both have very slight undertones in them. So select carefully based on your skin tone.

💔 I don’t suggest using it alone for dry skin. Apply a touch of hydrating cream before applying the primer.

💔 Does not contain SPF.


Whats your impression on the Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer? Connect with me and let me know below. 🙂

Lots of love,

Me ❤




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