Maybelline – GoGraffiti



Today I am going to bring forth my two favorite shades for my nails this summer. Off late I have been in love with pastel shades. But I didn’t find anything that worked well for my nails up until Maybelline launched their ‘Go graffiti’ line.

My nails aren’t maintained well AT ALL (you’ll see it as you scroll down :P), so for me, a good shade is really important to help my nails look healthy and keep it healthy. These 2 shades does just that.

In Maybelline’s Go graffiti line, there are nine different shades available with a mild contrast of confetti/sparkle/”graffiti” combinations in them. Most are of a clear base and those looked a little common to me, and I also own something very similar from Faces. The two I have picked up, unlike most of the other shades in this line are light, pastel and very summer. I own ‘Blueberry Bombshell’ and ‘Lucky Lavender’.


Favorable factors: 

ღ Very long lasting. They started chipping only after 6-7 days.

ღ Healthy for the nails. Doesnt leave a yellow tint on the nail once you take off the color.

ღ They didn’t need a clear top coat to help last as long as 6 days without chipping.

ღ The little graffiti blends into the color well and does not stand out rough on the nails, which works well for me.

ღ Gives the nails a healthy, clean look. (Which I am always looking for in a nail color)

ღ Worth the money. The finished look/texture looks beyond a drugstore brand.

ღ Good for Indian skin tone, as it brings out the color of the skin.

ღ Good packaging. It is easy to pick the color you desire from your collection from the labelling on top and clear bottle (side)

ღ Beautiful glossy finish.

Unfavorable factors: 

ღ Light pigmentation. 2-3 coats are needed to bring out a good pastel shade.

ღ Most other shades in the line that come with a clear coat, is not unique to their collection. Similar shades are also available with Colorbar, Faces etc.

ღ Not easy to take off. Need to put in a bit of an extra effort to take off the tiny bits of graffiti present in the color.

A closer look: 


💝 Here is a closer look at the two shades (top & bottom)



💝 Nails in the below pic are after wearing the color for 8 days. As you can clearly tell, it has only begun chipping. No clear top coat applied.


💝 Convenient packaging. You can tell which shade to go for from just about anywhere! 😉 (below)


💝 They come at a very reasonable cost (below)



💝 One layer of Blueberry Bombshell



💝 Two layers of Blueberry Bombshell (below)



Overall verdict: It is definitely worth all the hype. Must buy for this summer. I love the fact that above everything, it is healthy for my nails as it doesn’t leave a yellowish tint behind. And that it will last a good one week with no chip, in spite of not having a top coat. Love the product.

Where you can get yours:  – Happy shopping!

Rate: 4.7/5

Will I repurchase? Most definitely!

My Favorite – Lucky Lavender, because it makes my nails look naturally pink and healthy. Beautiful pastel shade.


Lots of love,



By the way, today is my birthday! Who wants some yumm Ice Cream cake!!



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