All day today I havent thought about anything apart from my new obsession for blogging! As you can clearly tell, I’m still very excited!

This Saturday, I went to a mall closeby. Had a little stroll around the Maybelline counter and currently in love with their new Spring summer collection. The nail colors looked very interesting. Very different and very summer! I picked up two of the shades I loved most from the collection. Maybe once I try them on I can do a review for you guys! 🙂

Lets be honest now for a moment here shall we? When it comes to makeup, I am a real amature. I dont use a lot of makeup. And everytime I do, I always tend to mess up and look rather pathetic. So I like to keep it sweet and simple. Real and fresh. Most times, I simply tend to stick to a good lipstick, a bb cream and an eyebrow pencil. Thats all it takes really. Im certain that there are a whole lot of reviews out there and these Revlon shades are definitely not the latest in the market. But since this is going to be my first review, Im addicted to them shades so why not? 🙂  Now, having said that, without further ado lets dive into my favoite Revlon lipbalm, shall we? 🙂


I own five of their shades out of which two are from the Just bitten kissable collection and three from their colorburst collection.  Revlon is probably the only brand where I own so many lipbalms from similar lines and from their useage, you can clearly tell how much I am in love with them! 😛 But I do apologize that they are not all brand new. Ive been using them very often, dont judge me please! 😛




The lip balms carry a scent that’s very minty and fresh. Once I apply, I get this tingly cool feeling on my lips. Mmmmm Fresh!

Compared to most drugstore lip balms, they last for a while. It will last a good 4 to 5 hrs (without food). If you should decided to wear it for a dinner out, you might just have to reapply right after eating. But much to its name, they do tend to leave a stain on my lips. The brighter shades are high pigmented and works well with a single application for my medium complexion. Their matte collection does not crack or dry your lips as they have a balm like finish, and they do last a touch longer than the lacquer ones. I love the creamy consistency. They hug your lips and does not get all over the place.




One thing I love about these are their packaging. Revlon has most definitely taken much effort to research and understand what is most convenient for us. These shades come in an easy twist up crayon packaging. It is very easy to apply and doesnt take much time or effort. You dont have to be a pro, neither do you need much practice to get that perfect finish. Applying the lipbalm is literally like coloring a colorbook! Colorbar had also come out with a packaging that is somehow similar. But in case of Colorbar, one needs to sharpen the lipstick every once in a while, unlike Revlon where you can simply twist to reveal more lipbalm. When you sharpen, there is a high chance of breakage, and a broken lipstick is nothing but a mess and a dissapointment. The sharp wood can also wound your lips. 


Thanks to the packaging, its rather easy to pick your lipcolor for the day/night quicky from your collection, (without having to refer to the bottom label), as they have replicated the respective shades on the container they come in (above image). 

Revlon Shades (from Brown to Pink): 

The shades I own include:

✦ Coy  – Colorburst – Lacquer Balm – Number 140

✿Coy is a20150525_173804 great nude shade.

✿It gives a fresh, minimum makeup look, ideal for summer.

✿Perfect for a day look.

✿For my wheatish complextion, I need to layer about 4 to 5 times till it gives me the perfect shade.

✿Medium pigmentation.

✿It does transfer easily and does not last very long (2 hrs approx)

✿It is a lacquer balm hence it has a glossy finish. 

✿Doesn’t leave a stain once worn off.




✦ Crush        – Just bitten kissable – Lacquer balm – Number 005

Very evident I love this shade from the usage, isn’t it? 😉


✿ Crush is a very pretty deep pink with red undertones.

✿ High pigmentation. 

✿ One layer gives a pretty natural pink shade, which can work well for a day look. 

✿ Pretty shade for the winters.

✿ Can apply about 3-4 layers for a Perfect night out look.

✿ Although it transfers easily, it does leave a stain on the lips. 

✿ It is a lacquer balm and hence it does have a glossy finish.

✿ True to its name, it also works well as a tinted lip balm.


✦ Sultry        – Colorburst – matte balm – Number 225

20150525_174141✿ Sultry is a suble nude-ish pink shade.

✿ Can I go ahead and call this the perfectly pigmented shade please! 

✿ Lovely matte finish. You dont need to take that extra step of exfoliating when applying this matte lipbalm. Infact, it can very smoothly even tone your lips. 

✿ Pretty day look. Perfect for summer.

✿ It doesnt leave your lips feeling flakey. 

✿ Lasts for about 3-4 hrs. Leaves behind a light pink, very natural stain when worn off, which I wont complain about! 😉 

✿ For a matte shade, it has a very creamy finish. However, it does the job well. My favorite shade & highly recommended for Indian skin tone.

✿ Im beginning to wonder if this is what Deepika Padukone is made of! 😉 

✿ Here is a closer look at the creamy finish (below).




✦ Vivacious – Colorburst Lacquer Balm – Number 120

20150525_174229✿ Vivacious is much of a Barbie pink. or Hot pink, with red undertones. Its a very vibrant color but very wearable. 

✿ Perfect bold day look. 

✿ This lacquer balm has a glossy finish. 

✿ High pigmentation. 

✿ Since it has a glossy finish, it doesnt last as long as a matte balm. But it does leave a soft hint of baby pink stain behind. And it can last a good 3-3.5 hrs or so.

✿ If worn for a night out, you will need to re-apply after eating.  

✿ It does transfer easily, but having said that, blotting after application does help quite a bit. 

✿ Sure to make heads turn! 🙂




✦Lovesick   – Just bitten kissable – Lacquer balm – Number 020


✿ This is another shade which gives that perfect summer lips. 

✿ High pigmentation. 

✿ On my wheatish skin tone, it does look similar to the lip shade ‘Vivacious’, with a less glossy but creamy finish. 

✿ This shade would compliment any skin tone well.

✿ Its very long lasting. Leaves a sheer pink stain behind.

✿ Thanks to the balm like texture, it is very hydrating and works as a perfect moisturizer year round. 

✿ Easily can be layered up for a pretty night look.



From the below swatches, we can cleary see how glossy/matte they are. I should also add that although it does look grainy, you cannot feel it on your lips atall. They have a very smooth, butter like finish.


Swatches at night. (Top & Bottom)


Swatches at daytime (below)

Please do note that the swatches for the shades Vivacious and Lovesick have been interchanged, as compared to the night time swatches (last two). 

What I love most about these shades are that none of them settle into the fine lines of your lips and neither does it fade uneven. Althought they might require a retouch from time to time, the stain left behind is simply very natural and beautiful. No mess.

The crayon like structure helps to reach ever corner (or curve) of the lips.

Price Range: Between ₹600/- to ₹800/-

Rate: 4.5/5. 

My favorite: Sultry – Colorburst – matte balm – Number 225

Will I repurchase? – Yes

By the way, have I mentioned? Tonight I have guests coming home for dinner and they have just arrived. Time for me to go greet them. In case you are curious, tonight I am wearing MAC Brick-o-la on my lips. But more about that on another day. 🙂

I loved sharing my views with you. I would love it if you would let me know how I can improve myself for you. I would also love to hear what your favourite lipcolors are, so get in touch with me! Leave me a comment. 🙂 

Lots of love, 



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