Maybelline – GoGraffiti



Today I am going to bring forth my two favorite shades for my nails this summer. Off late I have been in love with pastel shades. But I didn’t find anything that worked well for my nails up until Maybelline launched their ‘Go graffiti’ line.

My nails aren’t maintained well AT ALL (you’ll see it as you scroll down :P), so for me, a good shade is really important to help my nails look healthy and keep it healthy. These 2 shades does just that.

In Maybelline’s Go graffiti line, there are nine different shades available with a mild contrast of confetti/sparkle/”graffiti” combinations in them. Most are of a clear base and those looked a little common to me, and I also own something very similar from Faces. The two I have picked up, unlike most of the other shades in this line are light, pastel and very summer. I own ‘Blueberry Bombshell’ and ‘Lucky Lavender’.


Favorable factors: 

ღ Very long lasting. They started chipping only after 6-7 days.

ღ Healthy for the nails. Doesnt leave a yellow tint on the nail once you take off the color.

ღ They didn’t need a clear top coat to help last as long as 6 days without chipping.

ღ The little graffiti blends into the color well and does not stand out rough on the nails, which works well for me.

ღ Gives the nails a healthy, clean look. (Which I am always looking for in a nail color)

ღ Worth the money. The finished look/texture looks beyond a drugstore brand.

ღ Good for Indian skin tone, as it brings out the color of the skin.

ღ Good packaging. It is easy to pick the color you desire from your collection from the labelling on top and clear bottle (side)

ღ Beautiful glossy finish.

Unfavorable factors: 

ღ Light pigmentation. 2-3 coats are needed to bring out a good pastel shade.

ღ Most other shades in the line that come with a clear coat, is not unique to their collection. Similar shades are also available with Colorbar, Faces etc.

ღ Not easy to take off. Need to put in a bit of an extra effort to take off the tiny bits of graffiti present in the color.

A closer look: 


💝 Here is a closer look at the two shades (top & bottom)



💝 Nails in the below pic are after wearing the color for 8 days. As you can clearly tell, it has only begun chipping. No clear top coat applied.


💝 Convenient packaging. You can tell which shade to go for from just about anywhere! 😉 (below)


💝 They come at a very reasonable cost (below)



💝 One layer of Blueberry Bombshell



💝 Two layers of Blueberry Bombshell (below)



Overall verdict: It is definitely worth all the hype. Must buy for this summer. I love the fact that above everything, it is healthy for my nails as it doesn’t leave a yellowish tint behind. And that it will last a good one week with no chip, in spite of not having a top coat. Love the product.

Where you can get yours:  – Happy shopping!

Rate: 4.7/5

Will I repurchase? Most definitely!

My Favorite – Lucky Lavender, because it makes my nails look naturally pink and healthy. Beautiful pastel shade.


Lots of love,

Me ❤


By the way, today is my birthday! Who wants some yumm Ice Cream cake!!





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